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Mark Knopfler says: "You really have to want to play".

Janice Miller   came to music just a few years ago and joined a guitar club in Milton Keynes.   Here she met with John Timpany who was so impressed with her singing that he asked her if she would record one of the songs he had written for a female voice.
She agreed, and so began one of the fastest musical developments that you could imagine.
Soon Janice was not just singing and playing a number of different guitar styles, but penny whistle (thanks to Graham Tait) bodhran and fiddle.

She really wanted to play.

John Timpany    unlike Janice, had spent 10 years on the road professionally, had been resident at Bunjies in Soho for a few years as well as a number of other clubs, recorded around 5 albums,toured the UK, France, Germany and Austria and written a definitive book on English style fidding.

Together   Listen to the sound tracks and watch some vids of these two formidable singers and musicians. There are few who have anywhere near the power, presentation, expression and attack that these two have.

From laid back blues, to cracking jigs and reels, heart touching ballads and belting choruses, these two don't just master them, they write them as well.